Friday, August 14, 2009



Brian and I found out this week that we are going to have a baby!!! I cannot tell y'all how excited I am. My estimated due date is April 20th! I go for my first appointment on Wednesday. I will meet the "financial lady" and the OB nurse to discuss the pregnancy. They will do bloodwork again and check all of my hormone levels, and if everything is normal, they will send me home until I am 11 weeks. At 11 weeks, I will see the dr and hear the heartbeat. I am so extremely excited that I cannot even put it into words!!!

I have been feeling really shitty lately, but I'll take sick and prego over not sick and not prego any day!!! I am sooooo tired and sooooo nauseous!! I feel like I am either nauseous or hungry all the time. Whoever came up with the phrase "morning sickness" should be shot. It is not morning sickness, it's ALL FREAKIN DAY SICKNESS!!! Mine gets worse at night. It seems like my body is saying "go to bed or I'll make you feel increasingly worse until you do!!"

Ok, so just thought that I would share the news. I hope that y'all have a FABULOUS weekend!!! Hopefully, I won't wait so long to write next time :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Not much to report, but just wanted to let you all know that I am NOT pregnant yet!! Just in case you were wondering.

I have my Junior League New Member Retreat this weekend, and I am looking very forward to jumping in and getting involved.

Told ya I didn't have much to report...pretty boring around here. I have had strep throat and a stomach virus in the last month, so the social life has been pretty slow...I shall write again when we have some exciting news to report. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's A Girl!!!

Just thought that I would drop in and let y'all know that Ko is having a GIRL!!!! Her name is Birdie Lou!! I cannot wait to start planning the non-shower, and buy all sorts of pink. Now it's my turn to get knocked up. I think we're getting the hang of this though, and if I am not prego this month (I don't think I am), I am totally confident that I will be next!!!!!!!! Keep everything crossed and keep us in your prayers please! Talk to y'all later.

xoxo Em

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two For Tuesdays!!

Ok, I am so excited!!!!!! I am about to go meet Kiki for 2 for 1 margs at La Huerta. As I am still not prego, I am able to enjoy Fayetteville's little perks, such as buy one get one free margaritas!! Just a little tid bit of info for a visual, I will be going to meet her in a totally wrinkly old KD t-shirt and jeans. Do I care, NO! All I care about is seeing my long lost bff and enjoying some awesome food and even awesomer margs. Can you tell I'm excited about the margs?

Oh also did I mention, Kymiko finds out the sex of the babooshka tomorow!? I cannot tell you how excited I am to find out, so that I can plan the coolest "non-baby" shower EVER!!

Gotta go,
xoxo Em

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh how I have missed you!

Well all, I am so sorry to have kept you on the edge of your seats waiting for my next post for so long. But I'm baaaaaaack! Just gonna go through and hit on some high points.

On Wednesday, July 17th, I flew to San Antonio to spend some much needed quality time with my BFF Christy. We ate good food drank good wine (too much) and chit chatted about girl stuff. On Thursday we drove down to Port Aransas and with Christy's mom and mother in law in tow, we began our Girls' Trip 2009! We just did a whole lotta nothing (eating, drinking, shopping, laying out). Mmmmmm, my kinda vacay! Shout out to the Little's for providing so much hospitality!

I got back in town on Sunday the 21st at about 9:30pm, kissed my hubby, and went to bed. I started my new job on Monday the 22nd and now have to wake up at 5:30am!!! That should be illegal! I must admit though, I LOVE getting off work at 4 everyday. I am really excited about my job, although I feel like a total moron. There is soooo much to learn, but I know I'm gonna kick some ass once I am good and trained.

Anywho, this past Saturday we had a very lovely wedding to attend. It was absolutely fabulous! We had such a great time, and the bride and groom were so amazingly gorgeous! We proceeded to go out on Dickson after the wedding and got a little intoxicated (we took a cab don't worry).

Still no news to report on the baby front, except that I am not prego right now :( I shall keep you all posted and I hope that your lives are as happy as mine is right now. Did I mention how much I LOVE my hubby?!?!? He is just the bestest hubs ever! Talk to y'all later. It's been real!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Baby Psychic

Ok, just to clarify, I do believe in psychics, but I am also not stupid.

Now that that's out of the way, here are the results from my baby psychic reading. FYI a bfp is a big fat positive pregnancy test. Let me know if any of y'all have any sneaking suspicions as to how things are going to play out.

I see a conceive or find out with a bfp between June and Aug this year. I see a girl. I see a conceive or find out with a bfp between Jan and Feb of 2012 and a girl. I see a conceive or find out with a bfp or give birth in Dec. So either conceive or find out with a bfp in Dec of 2015 or give birth in Dec of 2016. I see a boy.

I would just be pleased as punch if this actually was what the future has in store. Brian kinda turned a little green at the thought of having 3 kids, and especially fighting off boys with 2 daughters, bahahaha.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WARNING: I will be talking about my boobs...

So how has everyone been? It has been forever since I have written, because I have had so much going on, so this could be long...

Let's just go through last week shall we?

Not gonna lie, I totally thought that I was going to have GREAT and exciting baby news to report, but as it turns out, I do not. I had every early symptom in the book, but it's a NO. Anywho, when the breast pain continued after the negative (blood) pregnancy test, I got a little concerned. I have never had pain like that there before. I did a self exam and located a golf ball size lump in my right unit on Monday night. I called the dr Tuesday and was on his table at 2:30 that afternoon. He felt the lump too so he referred me to THE boob guy, Dr. Cross (shout out to Dr. Cross the best boob doc ever). I had an appointment with him on Thursday, and I am not dying. Although I am still in pain, because there is nothing that they can do for me, I am going to be fine. The lump was just glandular tissue clumped near the surface and that was not the cause of the pain. The pain is being caused by swollen breast ducts...whatever the hell that means. Dr. Cross said that it is caused by an overproduction of estrogen. I could not help but shout out, "so I could be pregnant?" He was all, blood tests don't lie, so the bubble burst again, and no I am not pregnant dammit!

So the whole time this is all happening, I am supposed to be studying for my real estate exam...yeah ya think I got much studyin done? That's a big N-O! So I had to cram my butanks off on Friday night. I didn't go to bed till like 3am then I couldn't sleep because I was so nervous about the exam. I got up at 6:30 (exhausted) and got to the exam at 7:30. I booked a massage and a pedi for after the test to either reward or comfort myself based on the outcome. Well it was a reward, because I passed it baby! So, I will be a licensed real estate agent just as soon as I pay my dues. Anyone who needs an agent, call me 713-9125! LOL!!!

Saturday, in between proving how smart I am and my spa appointment, I went out to the golf course and followed Brian and the boys around for 4 holes. B's partner hit a HOLE-IN-ONE!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!! After being pampered and acing the test, I came home and watched the HOGS beat the poo out of #2 Cal State Fullerton in the College World Series. WOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took a nap...woke up and got ready for dinner and drinks with Brandon and Amanda Nichols. It was a celebration and we all proceeded to drink waaaaaay too much. Congratulatory shout out to the Nichols for 10 years of marriage....woot! Proceeded to go to Dickson after dinner and met up with Taylor at Z330. More drinks (don't worry, we took cabs) and more loud talking and yada yada. Went home with Taylor and more drinks. We shared the master bed and made J sleep on the couch, sorry J. Came home and found B on the couch (where he slept) and proceeded to drag him to Grub's for lunch. Did y'all know Grub's is now open on Sunday??? I didn't but you can bet that a greasy cheeseburger and pizza dip was JUST what the hangover doctor ordered.

Anywho, now I'm laying in bed (not doing laundry that needs to be done) and listening to my Hubs snore (he denies that he snores). I'm craving some bbq...odd I don't like bbq. Toodles people, have a Fab-tastic week!

P.S. I am going to San Antone on Weds to hang with Christy (aka "my B", not to be confused with "B" as in Brian). We are heading to the coast (Port Aransas) on Thursday for some r&r on the beach. Damn I love girls' trips...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Been A While

Hello All!!

Sorry so long since my last post, but I have been super busy lately! I finally got my Certificate of Eligibility from the Arkansas Real Estate Commission, so I signed up to take my Exam next Saturday. I have been studying and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I pass on the first try. I have really good news also...I GOT MY PROMOTION and I start in the Marketing Department on the 22nd. No definite news in the baby area, but hopefully will be able to report something soon.

I studied out by the pool today, and I cheered the Razorbacks on to their victory over Florida State. Needless to say, I am exhausted! Waiting for my Hubby to get home so that he can take me out to dinner. I'll post again soon when I have more news to report. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ahhh almost Friday!

Well, hello friends! Long time no chat...Let's get this party started, shall we?

So, Memorial Day weekend started out with a BANG and ended with a BLAH...

Friday I got off work early (insert jealousy here) and came home to a gorgeous day at the country club. My friend Kymiko came up to hang out so we got ready and headed to the Calcutta night of the Member Guest Tourney at FCC. Friday of Member Guest has got to be my favorite night of all tourney nights. Ok, yes, it probably does have something to do with the fact that I get to sing in front of everyone. Once at the club, I proceeded to drink wine, which turned in to going to mi casa, staying up and talking to Ko until the sun came up. Ahh it's so nice having girl talk, even if we could hear my fab hubby sawing logs in the next room.

Saturday, Ko and I got up about noon and headed to Sonic and freakin spent $21 for the 2 of us...after getting Brian's credit card of course! Fast forward 30 minutes to the phone call to Brian asking if he wanted the rest of the 25 pounds of food that wasn't eaten. After stuffing our faces, we did the only logical thing to do on the Saturday of Memorial weekend, NAP TIME! We proceeded to sleep until 5:30! Yeah not smart considering that Saturday afternoon was the only pool worthy day all weekend. I think that this is also the only appropriate time to mention that I did not drag myself out of bed to go to the Saturday night festivities, which was DUELING PIANOS (my freakin fave and probably a missed singin opp)!

So Sunday, woke up about 10 and heard it raining. Once I discovered that this was not going to be a fun in the sun poolside day, I went back to sleep. Not gonna tell you what time I actually got up. But, I will tell you that I did take a shower at about 6:30 in order to get ready for our friend Britton's 30th birthday party, which by the way, was sooo much fun! Need to send a shout out to Molly for lending us her hubby's vocal prowess for the evening! Damn Coy, you got some pipes in that compact body! Well, a few RB&V's later, this responsible old girl took a cab home (my exhausted hubby left a couple hours earlier to get some shut eye).

Ahhh Memorial was spent like all holidays should be (minus the pool), in bed watching movies and cuddlin with my hubby and my furry girls. What a day....

Now comes the SICKNESS!!! Of course I woke up on Tuesday morning coughing and with my throat on FIRE! Not a good way to start the week. It only proceeded to get worse on Wednesday...ok boring, which brings us to...

Today! I am feeling mucho better, thank God, because I had another interview this morning at 9:30. It was extremely enjoyable and very informative. The recruiter said that "I'm very impressed with you" and that she doesn't think that she is going to have a problem finding a position for me in her department. Yay for good news, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up, since that is what was said after the last interview. Tomorrow I am going to cross train in her department to see how things work, and hopefully, when a position becomes available, I will get good news. Wish me luck! I hope that I have some exciting news to report sometime soon. Oh yeah and hopefully next weekend I will have other "little" exciting news to announce to all of my faithful readers.

Wishing you all a relaxing and prosperous weekend. TTFN!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Bueno!

Ok, so to my loyal (4) readers, I just wanted to let y'all know that I am not feeling well. I didn't want to keep you in suspense as to what the heck I was up to, since I promised to write today. But FYI...scratchy throat, cough cough cough. No Bueno!! I am about to drink a bottle of NyQuil and go night night. I promise to fill you in on all of this past weekend's sordid details as soon as I feel like making a clever statement.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ok I feel so stupid...

I feel so stupid writing this blog when there are only 2 people (and I do thank you) following our updates! Oh well, the show must go on...

As I write, I am sitting outside with my 2 babies (Lucy Belle - papillon & Daisy - lab) enjoying the view of the golf course on this wonderfully mild May evening. AND I just want everyone to know that I am sick of hearing that "Adam should have won American Idol"! Get over it! He's NOT COMMERCIAL & KRIS IS!! I do think that Adam would be a great front man for a band like Queen and is extremely entertaining & talented, however, I will not buy his album. I will buy Kris', Matt's, Allison's, and Danny's. Ok thanks for letting me get that out!

I just wanted to let the 2 fab chicas, that may or may not be reading my posts, that I will not be writing this weekend. The hubs needs the laptop for the tournament this weekend...this is me sulking. I told him that I need one of my own, for situations like this, and he said NO! Ugh, not nice. Well, when I get really rich at my future J-O-B then I will just buy my own.

I have another interview next week. I am extremely excited about it, and I am just putting it to God and trusting that whatever happens is His will. I am confident that everything will work out in the end, BUT I am not good at taking rejection. Huh, maybe that's His lesson, that I gain this experience and learn to take rejection like a big girl...Food for thought.

Ok peace, I'm getting eaten like crazy by these dang mosquitoes!!! See ya Tuesday, unless I steal the laptop back...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another day in the life & times of Emily Avra

Well today was an exciting day for the Avra Fam! I went to my pre-preggo consultation with my doctor, and I am happy to report that I got the green light to start to try and turn our parents into grandparents!! Now the waiting and praying and hard part begins. I will keep y'all posted, but don't worry, I will not share too much info, so feel free to keep reading our posts.

On a different note, Brian and I have been really busy (get your mind out of the gutter) trying to prepare for this weekend. Ok, so I have been laying in bed with wine watching Idol and he has been working his (non-existent) booty off! This weekend is the second biggest golf tournament of the year at Fayetteville Country Club, Member Guest. The festivities kick off on Friday night and continue throughout the entire Memorial Day Weekend. I have large, food, dancing, margaritas, lounging by the pool, singing with the dude on the patio, and following the golfers around in a golf cart. Man, I get exhausted just thinking about it!!!!

Also, before I go, to cheer on Brian's hometown boy on Idol, I need to give a quick shout out to my good friend Kymiko! Things haven't been easy for my main chick lately, but she's handling things like a champ. Sorry you didn't get to find out the sex of the babooshka today Ko. Another 8 weeks of waiting for them to finally tell us that it's gonna be a William Paul Jasper Newton versus an un-named chica is a pain in the bootay yo!

Ok seriously gotta go, Jason Mraz is on idol. He was my second choice of husband, but I turned him down to marry my faboosh hubby B!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What A Day

I hope that this does not come across as a total gripe fest, but today pretty much sucked!

I started the day in a bad mood due to another restless night. Now, this wouldn't be unlike any other day for me except that my fabulous husband and I recently purchased a very expensive new bed in the hopes of ridding me of these sleepless nights...well, it ain't workin! Apparently this bed does not have enough lower back support for me and I keep tossing and turning all night long. Next stop, the mattress store to trade.

My day only got better after lunch when I found out that I did not get offered the job that I interviewed for!! Not only did I not get the job, but they kept me on the hook for almost 2 weeks waiting to hear. Anywho, then I get home to the dogs and little precious Lucy Belle had puked all over her kennel! And here comes the real kicker...

NO FREAKIN WINE!!!!! One should at least be entitled to a nice cold glass of vino at the end of what will now be called SUCK FEST 2009!

Ahhh the light at the end of the fabulous, most amazing, loving husband will be home shortly with a nice, big, chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc just for moi!!

Oh how I do hope that I have not sucked you into the blackhole that is Suck Fest 2009, and I do so hope that your day was mucho better than mine. Oh and one more thing, I made an appointment for our pre-preggo visit with my OB/GYN. Hopefully I will be big and preggo fat in no time! Wow, I never thought that being fat would cheer me up...who knew!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to the Avra Family Blog!! I'm not sure what to write about so I'll just start by going through our past week...

Last Wednesday was my 26th birthday. Not gonna lie, it was NOT easy for me! Brian made it so much better by surprising me with dinner at Bordino's, a pedicure and massage from Pink Papaya, and some money for our trip to the casino on Friday night. My little brother, Spencer, turned 21 on Thursday...we are finally able to enjoy adult fun (ok that sounds dirty, but is not what what I meant) as a family! Apparently he had a really fun night! I had to forgo his night out due to my "celebration" on my own bday the night before. Yes, we are 5 years and one day parents like August I guess.

Mom and Dad came up from Altus to help celebrate my birthday weekend at the casino. Well, let's put it this way, I was the biggest loser. And not in the, I lost a ton of weight kind of good way. I lost a butt load of money. At one point, I was stealing chips from my Dad's stack while he was in the bathroom. Later as we were leaving the table, some chick busted me out! Ugh the nerve of that woman!!!

On Saturday night, Brian had to work so I stayed in and watched Lifetime movies. Wow, we are so freakin wild!!! No, seriously, get back, we are terrible influences!! You might get really excited about going to Mexico Viejo for a big night out on two for one margs (one a piece). LAME!

I interviewed for a new job at JB Hunt in the Marketing Department, and I am anxiously awaiting the will have been 2 weeks on Wednesday! Really, what do you have to think about, you know you want me so just offer me the dang job already. I am really getting tired of their denial!

Well, I guess I will keep you "posted" on our upcoming events. Hope y'all have a wonderful week!!!!