Saturday, December 18, 2010

God's Plan

As you know, we made an offer on a house at the first of December. We finally got a reply on Thursday. They came back at $18,000 MORE than the list price. Needless to say, we said no thank you (not those exact words, but I'm keeping it PG). Well God sure knows what He's doing, because we made an offer that same night on a foreclosure right down the street from the first house. I LOVE this house! Being a foreclosure, it has a few cosmetic issues, but the house is FABULOUS!!!! I got a call last night (less than 24 hours after we made the offer) and they ACCEPTED! We signed the contract and the ball is rolling. We will be home owners in 45 days or less. I cannot begin to tell y'all how relieved, thankful, and utterly blessed I feel to be in this exact place in our life. We are surrounded by the best group of family and friends, and I truly feel and see God working through every one of them. Thank you to all of you. We love you more than words can describe. Speaking of love, here are some pics of our new house...ENJOY!
The back patio
As I mentioned above, there are a few cosmetic things that we need to fix. Here they are, then we'll get to the good stuff, hehehe. The back door had a doggy door that was removed, so they put a board over the hole, ie Lucy is getting a new doggy door. We will also need to replace the deadboltPart of the transition piece on the floor between the living room and kitchen needs to be fixed. Those 2 things, along with painting 2 rooms (ours and Austyn's) and touching up the paint in the kitchen and living room are the only repairs that we have to do to this amazing house!!!
Now, here is everything that I LOVE...the list is long :)
This is the chandelier in the eat in kitchen...LOVE

Light fixture in the living room = GORG! The picture does not do it justice!!
Fixture in the entry way
My jacuzzi tub (so freakin excited about this)
My closet and tub from the doorway
View from the living room the entry is on the left and the hall closet, next the garage door (you can't see) then the laundry room straight ahead, and our room is to the right of the laundry.
View from living room to the guest bedroom. To the left is Austyn's room and the 2nd bathroom. To the right is the entry (split floor plan).
My FAB laundry room!!
Our room
Hall closet between Austyn's room and the bathroom
Austyn's bathroom (see the floor to ceiling cabinets to the left - YES!)
View from the door of Austyn's bathroom
Austyn's walk-in closet
Austyn's (soon to be painted anything but blue) room
Guest bedroom
Walk-in closet in the guest bedroom
There ya have it! I hope you enjoyed the tour of our new home!!! Please keep praying that everything goes smoothly during this exciting time.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House...

We put an offer in on a house that is PERFECT for us on December 1st, but we still haven't heard back from the bank. The house is a short sale, so even though the seller has accepted our offer, the bank that holds the mortgage has to approve it too.
There was a previous offer put in and it took the bank 2 weeks to respond. This Wednesday will be 2 weeks, so keep your fingers crossed :)
We are patiently (ok not really) waiting to hear from the bank. We have already been preapproved for our loan, so we are just WAITING. I know that it must be God's will for us to wait, but it is still not easy. We have lived in this tiny apartment for almost a year and a half now. It really wasn't bad until we had Austyn (and all that goes along with her). Then about 2 months ago, we began having other problems with the property. I won't go into detail, but let me assure you, none of you would consider the living conditions acceptable. Thankfully, that part has gotten a little better, but we are still very eager to be in a house that we can call our own. We appreciate every one's support and kind words and ask that you all please keep praying for us :) THANKS A MILLION!

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

I LOVE Christmas, and it seems there is so much more to be excited about this year. I can't help, but think about Mary and the story of Christ's birth. How excited and scared she must have been to meet her son, not to mention, that He was the son of GOD. It really makes me reflect on it a lot more this year now that I'm a mother. We don't have a mantle to hang our stockings on this year, so I had to hang them on the wall :( if you look closely, you can see that they misspelled Austyn's name.

I have completed all of my shopping and wrapping this year. It feels good to just sit back and really enjoy the season. I definitely plan on doing this every year. Key word, PLAN, ha!!

We have had a problem keeping the little munchkin out of the presents. This is right after I said, Austyn no, that's Ya Ya's. She looked up at me and then went right back to doing this.

Sorry Ya Ya, you're present has a corner missing :( She likes to bang on the boxes and tries to eat them.

And here is Lucy all cuddled up in the snowman blanket trying to avoid the one kid wrecking crew, lol. I hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed holiday season. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

7 Months!!!!!

My precious angel is 7 months old! I can hardly believe it. Not much has changed in the last month, except, you got teeth!! You got your right incisor and your bottom left tooth on the same day. Then, in another week and a half, you got your left incisor, both top middle teeth, and your right bottom tooth. That is SIX teeth in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!! You weigh about 17 lbs and wear a size 3 diaper. You're mostly in 6 month clothing.

You are still the happiest and best baby in the WORLD! You are hardly ever upset (as I hear you crying in your crib at the moment, ha!) And you smile and talk all the time. You don't say words, but you are constantly making sounds and attempting to tell us all about everything.

You still suck your right middle and index fingers when you are tired. You sleep from about 8pm - 7am every night and take about 2, 1 hour naps everyday. You eat 2 jars of baby food per day and about 5, 6oz bottles of formula.

You LOVE Mrs. Beary. When you wake up in the morning, one of the first things that you do is make her start playing her music. It's what Mommy wakes up to through the monitor.

You have started pulling on your bumper = bumper being removed very shortly.

You are way too busy exploring to sit still. Look at the tongue sticking out, pure determination.

Your laugh is my favorite thing in the world!!

Hi Mommy!!

Are we done yet?



A Very Avra Thanksgiving...

We Avra's always have a busy holiday season. All of our family lives out of town, so holidays = lots of travel for us. It is always so much fun visiting with all of our family and friends, but it is totally exhausting. This year was especially fun (and exhausting) with Austyn :) The Sunday before Thanksgiving was the Avra Family's celebration in Conway. We left Friday night after work and got to Conway around 9:30. In case you don't know, we are HUGE Harry Potter fans and the second to last movie came out the Friday before Thanksgiving. Brian's parents were so fabulous and kept Austyn on Saturday afternoon so Brian and I could go see it!!!! This is what we came home to, ha! She must have had a blast with Lolly and Pop.

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the actual dinner, but let me just say, it was fabulous! We stuffed our faces full of DELICIOUS food (probably why there are no pics). We were only missing 4 people from the entire Avra family!!
Here is Austyn in one of her cute new winter coats. Every time I put it on her, she cries and it makes me laugh because she looks like the little boy from A Christmas Story. Poor baby. Our next stop was my hometown, Fort Smith. The White family was so amazing and invited Brian, Austyn, mom, and I to join them for Thanksgiving Day. Ironically, it's the one day that we didn't have plans. We headed down to the Fort after work on Wednesday and immediately dropped Austyn off with my Mom, got ready, and headed out for a fun night with our best friends we never get to see. We picked up Christy and Justin and met Lauren, JR, Jeremy, and Christina for dinner at Bravo. It was delish, and just what we needed before a night out downtown. We headed to Papa's and visited with old friends. It was a BLAST. Again no pics :( this time I think I was too busy talking to take pictures.
This is the AMAZING food that everyone prepared for us. We had the most amazing hosts and everything was fabulous!
I love all of these people!!!
Look at precious Evie Kate with her Uncle Brandon. She is so cute, I just wanna eat her up :)
This is the Fall outfit that Terra had made for Evie. It says her name on the front and has a little Razorback on the back of her leg. It was so cute!!!
Austyn LOVED Aunt Christy and Uncle Justin (getting some good practice). This was the first time they had gotten to meet her. I hate that we live so far away. Christy and I have been best friends since we were 10. They live in San Antonio now, so we only get to see them once or twice a year :( Christy is such a natural with Austyn and Evie. They both love her so much. We can't wait to see you soon!!!! Thanks again for inviting us to spend Thanksgiving with y' was PERFECT!
Brian and I both had to work on Friday, so we had to leave after Thanksgiving dinner and head back to Fayetteville. Austyn's daycare was closed, so Brian's parents picked up Austyn and kept her OVERNIGHT. I cried a little, ok a lot, but it would have been a LOT more if I wouldn't have passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. After work on Friday, we loaded up the car again and headed to pick up Austyn in Conway and went to my Aunt's house in Memphis. Brian thankfully got off work a little early, so we ended up getting to Memphis about 9:30. We hung out and visited for a little bit and then hit the hay. We got up early to get ready to go to Meema's!!! It's about an hour away from Memphis and we got there about 1:00. First on the agenda was the 5 generation McDonald women picture.
This is 2 of the 3 five generation families we have on my Mom's side. I can't believe how big Allie is. She looks so grown up!
Austyn was playing with my great grandmother's (Mother Mac) necklace. Mother Mac will be 100 on Christmas Day!!! She still lives by herself at her own house with a garden...WOW!
Here is my cousin Corey's 5 generation picture.
We watched Arkansas beat the crap out of LSU after we ate, and then headed back to LuAnn's for Tomlinson family game night. It is one of my favorite parts of the holidays!!! The next morning, we got up, packed up the car AGAIN, and headed back home (with a quick stop in Conway to get Lucy). Thank goodness Brian and I took Monday off to recuperate, because we really needed it. Man, I'm tired just typing this, whew. It really was a lot of fun, but this will be the last year that we run all's just too hard and it almost takes away from the joy of the holiday!! I hope you all had as FABULOUS of a Thanksgiving as we Avra's did!!!!!!!!!!