Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sicky Poo & Surgery

A lot has been going on in the Avra household lately...and by a lot, I mean a lot of yucky sickness! As you may remember, earlier this month Austyn had her first fever and ear infection. Well, it didn't take long for it to happen again. I woke up last Sunday feeling like I was coming down with something...uh oh is right. Austyn has had a runny nose and a cold all month pretty much, but when she woke up Thursday morning screaming in pain and burning up, mommy wasn't quite able to take care of herself, much less my poor sick punkin!! Well, when you have a child, what do you do? You put yourself on the back burner and you take care of that baby!!! We went to the dr and yup, 2 more ear infections! It just breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. We both had 100 degree fevers, something that I do not wish on anyone :( PS I almost passed out at the dr's office from my own sickness (insert feeling sorry for me here, haha). Thank goodness daddy came home early and took care of his girls. He made grilled cheese and tomato soup, which is my favorite food when I don't feel good. Here is the poor little punky below with cotton in her ears after getting her medicine.Friday morning, my good friend Tiffany had surgery. This past February Tiff fell while mopping and broke her hip in 4 places!!!! Yikes! She had to have a rod and screw put in to hold it all together. For the past couple of months the screw has been giving her trouble, so the dr wanted to go in and remove it. She did great and look what they removed!!! The entire thing!
Yeah that is my hand next to it! Can you believe that was in her leg?!?!?! I didn't get to see her after her surgery, since it was outpatient, so Austyn and I went out to see her yesterday. It was a great way for us girls to get to lay around and talk since none of us felt up to snuff. Austyn and Aunt Sassy (Tiff) had a great time snuggling.

Austyn got to take advantage of some of Avery's toys and she had a blast on her "playpad" we created for her.
She especially loved playing with/eating the mirrored toy that crinkled.
We sat on the swing and talked. She loved being outside!
This was our view while we were chatting...not too shabby eh?
Ashley ( and Chad dropped Avery off at Susie and Rick's while they went out for game night with some friends. It was so nice to see them for a few minutes, but we wish we could've visited longer. Avery is 15 months old and it was so fun to see her and know what is just around the corner for Aussie. They were sooooo sweet and cute together. They loved looking at each other. And laughing at each other....
And hugging and kissing each other...future bff's!!!
It was the best sick/lazy fun filled Saturday with great friends and family and I didn't even mention the DELISH burgers that Aaron grilled and the SCRUMPTIOUS fixins that Susie and Lisa made. YUMMY!!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. We love y'all Jolliff, Smith, and Linam families!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Patience Please :)

I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm working on a couple of posts right now, but we've had a lot of sickness going around the house, so I have had no time for blogging :( I'll be posting a 20 week Austyn update instead of a 4 month, since she is 4 and a half months now. Ok, no more hate mail please, haha!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

You Tube

To anyone who cares...I have created a youtube channel and am starting to upload all of the videos that I have of Austyn.

A Week of Firsts

This has been a verrrrrry long week for the Avra family, filled with lots of firsts...some good, and some not so good. As I mentioned in my last post, Austyn has been a little snotty lately, well it got worse. Tuesday night was as normal as any other night except A was a little fussy, and she's a very good baby, so I knew she wasn't up to par. Fast forward to midnight...OMG! She woke up screaming and was inconsolable. There was nothing I could do to calm or quiet her. She continued to scream hysterically until about 8am (with 2 short 30 min naps in between). At around 6am, I was sure that she was in mortal peril and decided to call the Urgent Care number for our pediatrician. The nurse assured me that her fever was not too high and that we should save our money and not go to the ER. Sooooo I waited 2 grueling hours for the clinic to open and they said be there at 9:10 and boy was I! I was so scared. This was her first fever and illness. It turned out to just be a cold and an ear infection and once we gave her the ear drops, the crying got much more minimal (say that 5 times fast, ha). Then, the antibiotics hurt her stomach, so there was LOTS of poop in the diaper, on her, me, and everything else ick! Now onto the good firsts...Austyn is now a roll over-er. She is rolling all over the place. She tries to roll off her playmat, but gets stopped by the arches. She is trying to scoot and wants to discover EVERYTHING! She is becoming a very curious little girl. And finally, drumroll please...Austyn is not so keen on sleeping in her crib. In fact, this is what her crib has always looked like....EMPTY.
I am really wanting to break the co-sleeping arrangement that we have going on right now, so I thought, "Let's try to put her down for her nap in her crib" hmmmmmm......

VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sleeping baby in her CRIB!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has now been an hour and she is still in there ASLEEP! Pray that this continues, and that she sleeps in there tonight. I would really like some bed freedom, lol. And being the good mommy/housewife that I am, before I began typing this post, I cleaned up the house. I know, I know, hold your applause...just know that I am patting myself on the back right now. Gotta go put the sheets in the dryer. xoxo

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We Avra's have had a busy weekend, filled with visitors!! As I mentioned in my last post, my Mom came to stay the night on Friday and she spent the day with us yesterday while Brian was at work. Well today we got a wonderful surprise! My grandparents from KC were in Altus this weekend for a wedding and decided to stop by today on their way back home. We had not seen them since the last time they surprised us when Austyn was born. We always enjoy our visits with them and every time it reminds me how lucky we are to have such wonderful family. I wish we all lived closer, because our visits are always way too short. We are hoping to make it up to KC this fall for a Chiefs game...keeping our fingers crossed!! As you can see from the pics below, it was a great visit! Brian and Austyn taking a cat nap together...too much excitement. I'm sure they'll be doing this a lot tomorrow. Brian is off on Mondays so he gets a lot of father/daughter alone time on those days :)
The cutie patootie outfit that Grandma & Grandpa brought for the punkin!

Look at the precious butterfly on the booty, hehe.

Grandpa Bernie and Austyn cuddling

She was having so much fun with him!

She was so enamoured with Grandma and Grandpa's shirts...she loves to look at the contrast between light and dark colors.

Austyn playin with Grandma & Grandpa while Grandpa makes sure to get some good pics to take back to KC.

Having the best time with her Great Grandma Emily!

"Hey lady! I love your shirt! Can I get one in my size?"