Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hanging at the house watching the game...can you tell that it's intense? :)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

New App

I just wanted to test out my new nifty app! Testing 123 :) just watchin Austyn play before bed time.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 Months

My darling angel, Austyn Claire, is now 5 MONTHS OLD! I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed. You are almost 16 lbs and are 24 1/2 inches long. You wear size 2 Pampers Swaddlers, but you are just about to transition to size 3. You are getting to be quite the screecher these days. We have had to leave restaurants because you just keep screaming at the top of your lungs. You LOVE to hear your own voice. You are screaming in delight, but it's still not very pleasant to hear. Your sister Lucy hates it, and you love to screech at her the most ha!
Last week we started you on solid foods. You don't quite know what you are doing yet, which is ok, because we don't either :) Your first food was green beans, you didn't really like them, but you sure tried. We moved on to carrots next, and you liked them a lot better. I think you're gonna be a great eater once you get it down. After all, you know how much your parents like to eat, ha!
You are still working on cutting your first tooth and you love to stick any and everything in your mouth. You drool constantly, and you always suck on your index and middle fingers when you are tired. It is the cutest thing ever, but I have yet to get a picture.
You are pretty much sitting up by yourself. You tip over, but you try and try again. I don't think you'll be sitting still for long. You are already working hard to start moving around. You also love your jumperoo so much and really enjoy playing with your toys and doing tummy time.
Here are some pics from your 5 month "photo shoot"
This picture cracks me up. You were in the process of tipping over and I took the picture. I call it your supermodel pose. P.S. The letters are straight, the camera was crooked, just had to mention that, because of my OCD-ness
You have the sweetest demeanor. You are always happy, and a PLEASURE to be around. You only get fussy or upset when you need something. It is hysterical when you fake cry in order to get attention. I cannot help but laugh.
You are REALLY close to sleeping through the night. Most nights you go to sleep between 8-9 and wake up around 7, when I wake you up to eat. You normally wake up around 4am, but most of the time you will go back to sleep without having to be consoled.
I can't wait to see you grow and change, but I miss everyday that passes, because I know you will never be the same age again. We love you more than words could ever express!! Love Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dogs Taste Good

Today I had to be in Fayetteville for an appointment at 9, so we had to get up early. We had some time after my appointment and before the game, so we stopped by to visit daddy at work.
Woooooooooo PIG SOOIE!
I love my daddy sooooooo much!!!
Austyn had on her adorable game day outfit today. Aunt Kiki made it ALL! And speaking of Aunt Kiki, thanks for having us over to cheer those Hogs on to VICTORY. Today we beat the Georgia Bulldogs in THEIR HOUSE...mmmm feels good. 2010 Razorback Football is in full swing. 3-0 baby! Woooo Pig Sooie!!!!!!!!!! Now guys start workin on takin down number 1, Bama, next week. YOU CAN DO IT!

Ahhhhhhh it just gives me chills!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mmm mmm good maybe...

So now that Austyn is 5 months old (post coming soon), we have decided to take a stab at starting solid foods. About a month ago, we attempted the rice cereal. Um, the princess no likey, so I just said, whatev, we'll just keep at it with mommy's milk and try again later. Later is now, and I went to walmart yesterday and bought pretty much every kind of baby food they had to offer. I was warned not to start her off with something sweet, in order to avoid her only wanting the sweet stuff, so we started with green beans. They just looked so delish (insert sarcasm here) and B and I both LOVE green beans. Here are a few pics from the attempt...and I state it that way, because it really wasn't all that successful. She was sort of ok with it, but made a several awful faces and shivered a few times, which of course made me die laughing. ENJOY and bon apetit!!!
Hmmm, what's that you have there in your hand mommy?
I'm not so sure about this, but why don't you just let me have it?
It feels weird in my mouth and it's green!
Not quite sure how I feel about this, I'm just gonna eat some and spit out some.
Ok, mommy, we need to talk. I like the milk better. Can I have some of that?

Woooooo PIG SOOIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hit that line, hit that line, keep on going and take that ball right down the field. Give a cheer, GO HOGS, never fear, GO HOGS, Arkansas will never yield. On your toes Razorbacks to the finish and carry on with all your might!!!! For it's A-A-R, K-A-N, S-A-S for Arkansas, fight, fight, FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to say, GO HOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THOSE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friends & Fundraising

Last Saturday was one of my oldest and dearest friend's birthday. We had a surprise dinner for Taylor at Wasabi on Dickson. It was a gorgeous night so we sat outside and it felt AMAZING. After dinner we went to a bar called Kingfish. My mom came in town to see the baby and celebrate with us and we stayed out until almost 1am!!!! Needless to say, I was so tired the next day. It's a whole different story having to wake up after no sleep when you have to take care of a baby, haha. Here is a pic of Taylor with the bday cake that her friend had made for her. It was supposed to look like her, but as you can see, it didn't quite turn out. We called it a Picasso.
I am a very proud member of a wonderful organization called the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas. We are a group of women dedicated to raising awareness and money for worthy causes in Northwest Arkansas. Please visit our website for more info This league year my placement is the HUGS Coordinator and Transfer Liaison. I was so excited when the Nominating and Placement Committee approached me about taking on this position. As you all know, I LOVE to meet new people and introduce friends to other friends, so the transfer liaison part of the placement fits me to a "t". I also LOVE to sing worthy people's praises, which is the other part of the job. I get to send congrats cards, etc to people when they get married, have a baby, get a new job, just to name a few. One of my favorite causes that we support is the Children's House in Fayetteville It is a wonderful organization and I cannot say enough about the wonderful men and women who run and support this amazing cause. At our first general meeting of the 2010-2011 league year, JLNWA presented 2 Children's House representatives with a check for $10,000. See how amazing this group of women is!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shoes...and so it begins!!

Just a quick note about another first in the Avra house...tonight Austyn wore shoes for the first time!!!! I'm not sure why I haven't put shoes on her yet, but I honestly didn't see the need for it since she's not walking so I always have her in socks. I bought her these cute little white sandals when I was pregnant and I was so excited to see her in them. Look how cute her little tooter toes look!!!! Awwww daddy we're in trouble now...2 girls with shoe obsessions, ut oh!!!

Look at those chubby little legs....ah, I just wanna eat them up like chicken legs, lol!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We Avras have had a fun filled busy Labor Day Weekend. Austyn and I got up and did our chores Saturday morning while Daddy was at work. After we finished our to do list, we took a stroll around a local consignment store and went to the Promenade. It was such a nice day, we couldn't spend it inside the house. Brian's parents (Lolly & Pop) came up from Conway to visit and babysit so we could go to the Razorback game. They brought Austyn a present...a Jumperoo!! She LOVES the one at school and this one is exactly like it. She has spent so much time standing, bouncing, jumping, and playing. She is one happy girl about her new toy and so is mommy!
Just checkin everyone out...
As I mentioned above, Saturday was game day! The first Razorback game of the season....ahhh nothing like watching my beloved Hogs. Brian and I were supposed to go to the game, but at the last minute, our tickets fell through. We ended up going to a local hangout to watch the game with Tiff and we had a blast. Hogs won 44-3 WOOOOOO PIG SOOOIE!!!!!!!!!!! Austyn was ready to call those hogs too.
Here she is saying wooooooooooooooooo PIG SOOIE!
Aunt Kiki made my bow and I love it!! Go Hogs!
On Sunday, it was still so pretty out, so we went to our friends' new putt putt place in Rogers called Green Mountain. They just opened a couple of weeks ago and were having free hot dogs, cookies and drinks. It is 36 holes and super nice! Austyn loved being outside and watching all of the people. We didn't play, but we are definitely going back soon!
Hey Mommy, what's up?!
After putt putt, we went to Borders at the Promenade. I noticed on Saturday that they were having a tent sale, so we went to browse. Brian and I both love to read and I can't wait until Austyn understands what we're reading to her. I got her several books that I loved as a kid, and I can't wait to read them to her.
Tonight we are going over to Aunt Kiki's for some hot dogs and hamburgers. I feel like we haven't hung out with them in forever, so it's gonna be nice to catch up. All in all, I would say we have definitely taken full advantage of our holiday weekend. I hope you all had a blast too!!!

Austyn Claire 20 weeks Old

I love you and my bear from Grandmommy this much!!!
20 weeks ago my life was forever changed when you came into the world. It is already so hard for me to imagine what life was like without you in it. 20 weeks ago, our miracle from God arrived. On April 15, 2010 at 16:39 we were the luckiest people in the world. You were 6lbs 12oz, 20 inches long, and you were PERFECT in every way! At your 4 and a half month check up you saw Dr. Payton and he said you looked right on track for your age. You weighed 15lbs and 6oz (75th percentile) and measured 24.17 inches tall (35th percentile). Mommy's milk must be working :) We have started to introduce rice cereal, but you are not a fan. You eat betwen 4-6oz of my milk at each feeding and you eat about 7 times a day. You are still in size 2 diapers, but we are getting close to transitioning to size 3. You wear 3 months or 3-6 months clothes. You are now officially sleeping through the night in your crib. You go to sleep around 9 and wake up around 8. You are such a happy baby, unless you don't feel good. You REALLY want to get places and are getting so frustrated that you can't do it on your own. You LOVE to stand up with us holding onto your hands, and hate to just lay around. We love you more than words could ever begin to express and we thank God each and every day for blessing us with such an amazing little girl!!! It is so hard for me to describe how much you have changed, so I will let the pictures do the talking.
Just about an hour old with YaYa.
Your sweet smile and laughs make life worth living. You love tummy time, especially the crinkle flower and the mirror on your play mat.
You constantly have your hands (or someone elses) in your mouth. You love to see everything that's going on around you, and just like mommy and daddy, you love to watch tv.
You are so close to sitting up by yourself, and you get frustrated when you tip over. We look forward to continuing to watch you grow and learn and you amaze us everyday. We love you our darling angel Austyn Claire!!!!