Sunday, January 16, 2011

3/4 of a Year Old ALREADY!!!!!!!!

WELL, lots has happened in the last month with our, not so little, Austyn Claire. The biggest milestone was Austyn standing/pulling herself up. Santa brought her a music table and she absolutely loved it. We kept the legs on it, so we could teach her how to stand and play. Um, it took all of about a day for her to figure out how to get up to it all on her own. The next day I got a picture from her teacher at daycare of her standing in her crib. Yesterday, I put her in the crib for her photo shoot and went to get the camera. When I came back in, this is what I found...

Hi Mommy!! I'm so proud of myself!!


You are still such a happy baby, though you have been known to throw a little tantrum when we don't let you get into things that you want to, ahem, the dog food?? You are 17.15 lbs and about 24 inches tall. You wear 6-9mos, 6-12mos, 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers. We have really been trying to introduce foods to you. You really like your new snack, PUFFS!! Your favorite are the strawberry apple. You still love applesauce, bananas, and pears. You recently have eaten spaghetti, and chicken noodle baby dinners for the first time. You LOVED the spaghetti and liked the chicken noodle ok. You talk up a storm, although it is still in your own language, so we have zero clue what you are talking about.

You laugh ALL THE TIME...even at NOTHING!! It is the sweetest sound in the world.

Your hair is growing so much, and I think you are teeting again.

You LOVE playing with your toys and like to bang your hand and toys on things.

You are still sooooo curious and don't like to spend time in one place. You have got things to do and people to see. You are always the most social baby in the room and love to flirt with and smile at everyone.

Um, yeah, enough of this sitting in one place, I'm out.

I need to stretch my legs Mommy.

I see you!!

Dang it. I left my toy down there.

HA! Success, I got it!!!

Ok Mommy, enough with the pics, I need my beauty sleep.

Worst Blogger of the Year Award Goes to...

ME, of course...I cannot believe I have fallen so behind. We really haven't even been that busy, other than chasing around after Austyn, working, trying to finalize everything with the house, and keeping up our social appearances, ha! Yesterday, as I was taking Austyn's 9 month pictures, I realized that I totally forgot to post her 8 month pics!! YIKES, bad blogging momma. Better late than never huh?! I hope you enjoy these.
Had to give her the elephant to keep her occupied...for a few seconds at least.
What can I get into?
A couple of rogue bath time pics...she LOVES bath time and her rubber ducky you're the one.
I love this pic with her hair in the mohawk, hehehe.
BAHAHAHA...hmmmm, am I pooping or plotting? It's a toss up at this point.
Total concentration. I think I'm gonna....
Grab this ring and start looking away from the camera, every time mommy says, "Austyn, look at me."
Mom, I'm trying to play here.
Dang, she's persistent with that flashing thing...I'm out.
No more posing for this girl.
Hmmm, what's over there?
Ok, I am very interested in this ring...
Other than everything mentioned above, I have started a diet. I am trying really hard to count calories and eat better. I started it December 28th and am doing really well so far. As of yesterday, I had lost 7 pounds!! It has been such a challenge to lose that last little bit of baby weight, and I want to get back in shape for my 10 year reunion this summer!!! JB Hunt is doing a Biggest Loser competition and we got a team together (The Fat Blasters, HA!) and we are so gonna WIN!! Wish us luck. I hope y'all are having a FABULOUS new year!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Go Hogs!!!

Woooooooo Pig Sooie!!! Beat those Buckeyes!!!!!
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Austyn's First Christmas!!

This post is just pictures from Christmas weekend. We went to Conway, Memphis, and Blytheville for all of the gatherings and took lots of pics along the way...ENJOY!
Austyn with her great Grandmommy at Christmas Eve breakfast

Posing for the camera FINALLY!
Austyn with her great Nana Way more interested in the ribbon
Posing on the presents at Lolly & Pop's
Can I have them now?
Another bow!

Santa CAME!

Back to the bows.

Look at the sparkling present!!!

All these, just for me? Pretty much...
My 1st Christmas at great Meema's, just woke up from a nap with my Daddy.

My cousin Allie was picking on Josh
Me with my great Meema!!!